Treating Liver Cancer And Its Symptoms

Liver cancer is a fairly common form of cancer. It affects about 34,000 people each year. The type of treatment that is recommended for liver cancer depends on the stage of cancer as well as the age and overall health of the patient.

The doctor may recommend the following treatments.


Surgery may be recommended if the patient is in the early stages of liver cancer. If the cancer has spread, then a patient will not be considered a candidate for surgery. The doctor will remove the cancerous cells and a portion of the liver. If a portion of the liver is removed, then the remaining portion of the liver can regenerate itself.

Liver Transplant

The doctor may recommend a liver transplant. However, there are several requirements that have to be met in order for one to be considered a good candidate for a liver transplant. The tumor has to be smaller than 5 centimeters. If the patient has more than one tumor, then they have to be smaller than 3 centimeters.