Symptoms and Causes Of Breast Cancer
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As it happens, breast cancer has some tell-tale symptoms that can help give it away. Those symptoms are outlined in this article. If you have one of these symptoms, don't panic. They aren't a guarantee that you have breast cancer. They're just a sign that you need to be examined by a physician.

There Are Skin Changes Around the Breast

One of the most important symptoms to watch out for is a change in the skin overlying your breast. That means swelling or redness. It may or may not be accompanied by pain. This is a sign of an inflammatory process affecting one of your breasts, which includes but is not limited to cancer. There are many other causes of inflammation in and around the breast, including abscesses, cysts, and infections.

One Of Your Breasts Looks Larger Than the Other

If one of your breasts is larger than the other, that needs to be looked at. This can be difficult to measure. The best way to do so is by using a simple band of measuring tape.