Facts About Colon Cancer

You may get cells that grow too fast, cells that grow in the wrong place, or too many new cells. When this happens, the cluster of extra cells is called a tumor.

If the tumor is made of normal cells, it’s called a benign tumor. When cancer cells form the tumor, you will hear it called a malignant tumor.

Almost all colon cancer begins as polyps, which are at first benign tumors. In the early stages, they are usually small and produce few symptoms. If your doctor removes them, they probably won’t cause further problems. If they’re allowed to grow, some types of polyps may become cancerous.

If caught early, colon cancer is curable in about 90 percent of the people who develop it, but that number drops to 40 percent once cancer spreads to lymph nodes or other organs.

Sometimes your body is trying to tell you something

While it doesn’t necessarily mean you have colon cancer, see your doctor if you suddenly experience: